"tranSfera" is a multimedia performance project started by SUKA OFF in 2007.

The goal of "tranSfera" is to search for non-verbal forms of communication between those in an intimate relationship. It is a hybrid work, live performance utilising real-time video and sonic components. Between the senders and the receivers stands the human body, in which electronic systems and impulse transmitters are placed. The performers alter the perceived image of body, referring to the modern information chaos and the manipulation of reality performed by the media and their technologies.

The roles of male and female in "tranSfera" are based on Greek philosophers, who considered woman as the matter - wet, mutable and unbounded, while the man was dry, stable and bounded. In the process of creation man determines the form and woman contributes the matter. The artists are not interested in the sociological, cultural or political context of this theory. They are transferring it into the field of visual arts and replacing the traditional "material" and "tool" with the "female" and "male".