tranSfera 3.0 / 3.1

Intersex 02 (Gdynia / London 2007)
The woman returns to the white mattress from episode I. She is watching a blindfolded man and woman fighting and revealing themselves more and more by taking their clothes off.
We don’t know if they are her masculine and feminine sides, or maybe the woman is her alter ego or avatar, sent to represent her.  
When naked, the woman becomes passive, while the man starts to operate all equipment gathered on the stage. It is his second attempt to conjoin male and female in the stream of light and electricity.
The woman is fluid – pliable and wet, she’s a vessel of liquids. The man pierces the skin of the woman with needles, he points at her the lenses of his cameras as well as the beam of the projector. His actions are voyeuristic, penetrative, but not violent. They’re dry of emotions.
He opens her with a cannula – the blood starts flowing into a bowl. The woman becomes a fountain. The other woman takes her to the white mattress, where she becomes a canvas to be painted with her own blood. She becomes the reverse of herself. The inside covers her outside. The remaining couple uses a white sheet and polaroid camera to reprint the image of the woman with blood and light. Although the body has been opened and damaged, the image of the woman remains immortalized in media.

Sylvia Lajbig
Piotr Wegrzynski
Trauma Unit