tranSfera 4.0 - 4.7

Interface (London / Wroclaw 2008 / Gryfino / Gradisca d'Isonzo / Warsaw 2009 / Skopje 2011 / Birmingham 2014)
The man is sitting on a chair and wearing a mask. His image is projected on the wall together with
a sentence: “I don’t understand you”. Is it him not being understood because his face is hidden? Or does he not understand the faces of people around him?
When he finds the woman from previous episodes, he sits her on a chair and points his camera at her. Then, after taking several polaroid pictures of people from the audience, both male and female, he tries to compare / mix their face with hers. As if he tried to categorize her, find similarities between her and others. But all these experiments bring no effects. No matter how much he tries to physically change the woman’s face (with use of paint, medical tools, cling film etc.) it still doesn’t match with others.
Simultaneously, there is projected a stream of dictionary definitions of words witch try to describe the relations between the man and woman (accident, contact, dialogue, exchange identity, physicality) but the abundance of meanings leads to lack of precision and constant misunderstandings.
When the man is piercing the woman’s face with wired needles (his tentacles) in order to get inside it, his electronic devices produce a painful noise, which disappears when the woman and the device become a closed circuit.
Finally, the woman’s face gets erased / covered with mask too.

Sylvia Lajbig
Piotr Wegrzynski